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Friday, February 4, 2011

Public Holiday

3rd February 2011 is a chinese new year! Happy Chinese New Year to all my families and chinese friends. Gong Xi Gong Xi... Tahun ni dah tak dapat Angpau... Happy holiday to those yang tak celebrate chinese new year...

This year punya chinese new year busy sangat-sangat. Bangun pagi dah sibuk pergi beraya cina rumah jiran, then go to HUKM nak tengok keadaan and status updates my best friend Atika Nurbainy ye la kena tahan kat ward because suspek denggi. My grandma from Singapore pun datang so kena lah pergi jumpa dia. ( Kewajipan ).

Penat sangat ulang alik dari HUKM sebab Atika demam panas teruk sangat hari ni dah masuk 6 hari demam tak turun jugak.Dah hari ke-4 duduk hospital so selama 4 hari ni ulang alik pergi HUKM tolong bawa kan makanan,baju dan barang keperluan lain.Family Atika jauh nun di Sabah so sebagai kawan perlu beri sokongan kuat supaya dia tak feel down. ye la perantau kan....Esok her family datang from Tawau nak tengok keadaan dia. I'm so happy because she's feeling better... rindu nak pergi jalan-jalan shopping dengan dia... she's a good friend...

Now, i have to take a bit rest because i feel so exhausted... Have a nice weekend guys!!!

Me and Atika ( Time puasa last year 2010 )

Monday, January 31, 2011

i'm so happy today... when i reached home then i received email from inform that i'm the winner of MugShot Monday for this week!!! Yeay! i'm so happy! Thanx FV! I love to do my online shopping with FashionValet because i love the items ( of course! ) packaging was very nice and delivery service? so fast! When u purchase and make a payment before 4pm you will get your purchased by tomorrow before 12pm! its cool isn't it?! the services totally awesome. FashionValet selling local brands. Proud with local brands yea! why i love it is because of the owner aka co-founder Vivy Yusof. She have a awesome blog. She so humble, kind and very pretty! i am her loyal reader. Everyday is my routine to read her blog coz she's inspire me. She's my idol, even she's rich,she still look down to earth this is why i envy her!

P/S : To girls out there i suggest if you love shopping but don't have a time? this is the right website for online shopping


Hi Guys,

This is just intro from me since today is a first day as a blogger. Just call me Abby. This coming August i'm goin to 23 years old. I'm from Sabah. ( Proud to be Sabahan )I'm so young rite??? hehehe but i'm married... 25 April 2010. I'm just new with this blogger so if i've make mistakes i'm sorry . If any suggestions or compliments kindly let me know. Check it out!

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